Education For All – Achievement For All

Knowledge is Power

We as Americans have known this phrase forever. As you look around in our society it is evident the above heading is correct. We are lucky to be born here. If you look around the Planet things are not the same.

There are many places on this earth that do not have the same chance for a formal education. So,If you would please follow along and we will take you on our New Journey. Let me first tell you a little about us.

Our parent Organization is “Soldiers of Today and Yesterday” we were established in the year 2005, a 501 C 3 charity an all volunteer force.

In the last 3 years we have given out in grants to the tune of 1,000,000 US Dollars to the young Men and Women who have served our Great country.

We have fed the Hurricane Katrina evacuees, Fed the Poor, and kept over 165 families from being homeless. The list goes on and on.

We feel we are privilged here in the Grand old U.S.A. We in our organization have hearts as big as this Earth. Our followers of ” Soldiers of Today and Yesterday”, know that they have the same passion as us, taking care of our fellow Men, Women, Children, Eldrely and the Poor.
A project of  “Soldiers of Today and Yesterday”.

We here at “Education For All and Achievement For All”, have done our research and have chosen our first Overseas School to help in the education of their Children.

We will  supply them with the tools they need for their school  each year. Everything from Books,Pens,Pencils,writing supplies even cleaning material and also sports equipment.

We’ve also got high end equipment like Bosch ra1181 router tables to inculcate and promote woodworking as a marketable skill in our students. Also, Special thanks to PlanerReviews who have donated a few more power tools to aid our woodworking workshops.

The School was formed in 2006 By a Local priest,and has grown from a small rented room to a large School with 850 students. These Children are from the poorest of the poor in Southern India. The School is called “Lambada Mission”.

Their website is  You are welcome to visit the web site.

We here at “Education For All – Achievement For All” are asking for your Blessings for the shipping cost of the supplies to the schools in Southern India. In some cases we will purchase them locally because of the cost.

We will also be paying for the school year for other students to attend school. The cost for one Child to attend school for the year is $300 USD. That could be paid monthly , quarterly , semiannually or yearly.

You will have the Child’s Name so you can follow  their progress. I know it is kind of bold to ask, but we know where your heart is. The Blessings you give goes to our mutual cause. Don’t let these children be a victim of their Destiny.

Help us help these children take charge of their Destiny. We here at “Education For All” and “Advancement For All” are committed to Educate the children of the World one child at a time!

Oh! By the way in some cases School supplies are being Donated to us, all we have to pay is the shipping.  If you decide to donate and do not want to use the donate button please make your check payable to… ea4all and send it to  Post Box 4246. Midland Texas 70704-4246

Thanks and God Bless!

P.S. There are two priest, six nuns, one seminarian and six lay people at Lambada Mission School.   If you wish to have the address of the school and child you support, we will glady supply for you to correspond with them.



Father David Hererra. Spiritual Advisor
Father Arla Ambati.    Spiritual Advisor
Father Paul Pratap.     Spiritual Advisor
Johnie Lee Qualls Retired Army  F.I.C.F. President/CEO

NunzioMartorina. BA,Engineer  
Jeff Barger R.N., US Army Combat Medic Retired
Gladys Helene Qualls Co-Founder S.T.Y.
Mary Berry, Team Midland Special Needs athletes
David A. Ramirez, Facility Design Super.


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